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“I am a paralegal for a law firm in Boston and have used the services of QUICKSERV exclusively for 6 years as my process server. During that period of time, I have been enormously pleased with the services I have received and as a result, have made several referrals. Each and every referral has relayed to me their complete satisfaction with QUICKSERV. Prior to using QUICKSERV, I had the opportunity to use many process servers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Collectively and individually, none have offered reliability, quick response time, follow up attention and dependable service like QUICKSERV. Their attention to detail and affordable prices just can’t compare. I highly recommend QUICKSERV Allstate Process Servers to anyone who is not satisfied with their current process server or anyone who is satisfied but looking for optimum improvement.”

Robin Alves, Paralegal

Boston, Massachusetts

“Consistent, reliable and rapid service is the reason why we always use QUICKSERV for serving subpoenas and civil process in Massachusetts. QUICKSERV Allstate Process Servers has never let us down.”

Whitfield Sharp & Sharp

Marblehead, Massachusetts

“In my view, QUICKSERV Allstate Process Servers stand out amongst process servers due to your accessibility and responsiveness. You are easy to reach by phone, promptly return messages and quickly implement service even in the all too frequent “last minute” notice situation. Continued success!”

Attorney James B. Peloquin, Conn, Kavanaugh, Rosenthal, Peisch & Ford, LLP

Boston, Massachusetts

“QUICKSERV Allstate Process Servers has been extremely reliable and worry-free. I have subpoenas served all over the state and QUICKSERV has always been dependable and fast; all for a reasonable flat cost!”

Karen L. Nowicki, Quinlan & Sadowski, P.C.

Norwood, Massachusetts

“…. Your firm has saved me A LOT OF TIME!!!”

Bette Jo Lovett, O’Keefe & Gale

Natick, Massachusetts

“Being a legal secretary for a litigation attorney, the need for a sufficient and reliable process server is absolutely essential. We have found those qualities and more in QUICKSERV. Not only is QUICKSERV accurate and dependable, but they can always be reached in a moment’s notice to perform all of our process serving needs professionally and expertly. QUICKSERV is our exclusive process server and we are pleased to do business with them.”

Susan Barber, Reed, Adami & Kaiser

Brockton, Massachusetts

“Time and money saving features like the “Get a Quote” function and the peace of mind provided by their professional and reliable team of process servers is why I use QUICKSERV Allstate Process Servers for all my process serving needs in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.”

Attorney Matthew T. Hiatt, Hiatt & Hoke

Quincy, Massachusetts